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Sudden Fear 1952 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - Sudden Fear 1952
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Sudden Fear - 1952 USA, English
Every Suspenseful Moment...Every Embrace...Every Kiss - A Breathtaking Experience!
Unknown  110 minutes -  Film Noir, Thriller, Fifties, - Ratings: 7.5/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:David Miller,
After an ambitious actor insinuates himself into the life of a wealthy middle-aged playwright and marries her, he plots with his mistress to murder her.

Actor Lester Blaine has all but landed the lead in Myra Hudson's new play when Myra vetoes him because, to her, he doesn't look like a "romantic leading man." On a train from New York to San Francisco, Blaine sets out to prove Myra romancing her. Is he sincere, or does he have a dark ulterior motive? The answer brings on a game of cat and mouse; but who's the cat and who's the mouse?
Did you know: According to a story told by Jack Palance, Joan Crawford and Gloria Grahame did not get along and got into a physical altercation at one point during the filming. The fight started after Grahame sat on the edge of the set during a Crawford closeup and very obviously sucked and smacked loudly on a lolly pop in an attempt to wind Crawford up. It worked, and Palance noted that the all male crew watched the fight for a few moments rather curiously before stepping in to end it.

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