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Rage at Dawn 1955 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - Rage at Dawn 1955
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Rage at Dawn - 1955 USA, English
SHOWDOWN AT SUNUP! (original print ad - all caps)
Approved  87 minutes -  Western, Fifties, - Ratings: 5.9/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Tim Whelan,
Written by: Horace McCoy, Frank Gruber,
A special agent from Chicago is sent out west to bring in the notorious Reno brothers.

Terrorizing 1866 Indiana, the Reno brothers gang uses the town of Seymour as a safe haven, paying off three crooked town officials. Sent in to clean up the gang is Peterson Detective Agency operative James Barlow, who poses as an outlaw to gain the confidence of the officials and the thick-headed brothers. Complicating matters are Barlow's feelings for the Reno sister, Laura, who reluctantly keeps house for the boys out of family loyalty. Events heat up and rage surfaces as Barlow sets up the gang in a dawn train robbery.

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