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The Lost City 1935 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - The Lost City 1935
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The Lost City - 1935 USA, English
High-Voltage Action! Electrifying Thrills! Thunderbolt Drama!
Approved  240 minutes -  Sci Fi, Thirties, - Ratings: 5.4/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Harry Revier,
An evil scientist plots to take over the world from his base in Africa, where he has invented a machine that can cause earthquakes.

After a series of electrical storms disrupts the world, electrical engineer Bruce Gordon develops a machine to trace the cause of the disasters. He discovers that the source is in central Africa and, backed by the nations of the world, sets out on an expedition. Bruce learns that the disturbances emanate from an area called the Magnetic Mountain. But unknown to our hero and his pal Jerry, the Magnetic Mountain also contains a super-advanced secret city ruled by the tyrannical scientific wizard named Zolok, who has unleashed the electrical fury threatening civilization as part of his plan to conquer the world. Zolok has under his control a brilliant inventor, Manyus, Manyus' beautiful daughter Natcha and an army of giant African slaves, who follow the dictates of a strongman, Appolyn, and Gorza, a dwarf. Also in the mix are schemers Reynolds and Colton, who plan to capture Manyus and thereby gain control of Zolok's army...
Did you know: Two different feature versions of this serial were released theatrically in 1935. See The Lost City and The Lost City. One of the feature versions was condensed from the entire serial, the other was condensed from just chapters 1-4 with some added wrap up scenes tacked on. A few years later, yet another feature version of this serial was released theatrically, titled City of Lost Men.

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