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Butterscotch and Soda 1948 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - Butterscotch and Soda 1948
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Unknown  Not Available -  Animation, Short, Comedy, Forties, - Ratings: 6.0/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Seymour Kneitel,
Written by: Larz Bourne, Bill Turner,
After Little Audrey is forbidden to eat candy, she gets the sweet-tooth version of delirium tremens. Suddenly, she's in a Candy Horror Land with cruel suckers and evil candy canes.

The housekeeper does her best to get nourishing food into Little Audrey, but the only thing Audrey wants is candy. And she wants lots of it. The housekeeper banishes Audrey to her room, but the cunning girl has sweets hidden in bags that hang outside her bedroom window. The angry servant finds every last piece of candy in the room and takes it away. Soon, Audrey has candy withdrawal and even gets the sweet-tooth version of delirium tremens. A nightmare sends her to a Candy Horror Land where evil candy canes and sinister licorice drops force-feed her all the candy she doesn't want.
Did you know: Little Audrey makes her third appearance in this film, which is the debut of her series. She first appeared in Santa's Surprise. Her second appearance was a cameo in Olive Oyl for President.

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