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Circus Capers 1930 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - Circus Capers 1930
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Circus Capers - 1930 USA, English
Unknown  Not Available -  Animation, Short, Comedy, Family, Thirties, - Ratings: 4.9/10
Oscars: None
Starring: ,
Directed by:Harry Bailey, John Foster,
Written by: ,
A dog ringmaster woos away the mouse bareback rider from the mouse clown.

The circus is in town and heralds its coming with a parade. Elephants dance with bells on their feet, and even turn their trunks into steering wheels and pretend to be cars. The giraffes dance, too, with wooden clogs on their feet. The mouse clown in the parade performs somersaults, but his impressive antics are mainly for his girlfriend, the mouse bareback rider who is just ahead of him, blowing kisses from her fat horse. The side show features a scantily-clad fat lady, who shakes her exposed buttocks provocatively, enticing the audience to flock inside the tent. Inside, the bareback rider performs her gravity-defying stunts. The clown forms his arms into a hoop for leopards to leap through. He even makes the "okay" sign, and a leopard defies physics by jumping through his fingers (and losing his spots in the process). The ringmaster doubles as a lion tamer and performs a dance with a ferocious lion...

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