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Creature from the Haunted Sea 1961 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - Creature from the Haunted Sea 1961
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What was the unspeakable secret of the sea?
Unrated  63 minutes -  Comedy, Horror, Sixties, - Ratings: 3.1/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Roger Corman,
Written by: Charles B. Griffith,
A crook decides to bump off members of his inept crew and blame their deaths on a legendary sea creature. What he doesn't know is that the creature is real.

American crook Renzo Capetto sees a chance to make a bundle when a Caribbean island has a revolution. He plans to help loyalists (and the national treasury) escape on his boat, then kill the men and blame their deaths on a mythical sea monster. Trouble ensues when the _real_ monster shows up!
Did you know: Throughout the movie there are Spanish joke names such as Colonel Cabeza Grande (Big Head) and the reef is located on the Isla de Barracho (Island of the Drunk).

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