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The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery 1959 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery 1959
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Never before in Police annals! Never before in film history!
Unknown  89 minutes -  Crime, Drama, Fifties, - Ratings: 5.8/10
Oscars: None
Written by: Richard T. Heffron,
A gang's plans for a St. Louis bank robbery are complicated when the sister of one of the thieves starts voicing her well-founded suspicions.

George Fowler is drawn into a gang planning to rob a bank in St. Louis that they expect will have a $100,000 on hand on an upcoming Friday. George is drawn into the plan as the gang's driver by Gino, an old girlfriend's older brother. As the gang goes about its planning, George and Gino have to find a way to live for the next two weeks and they turn to Gino's sister, Ann, for help. George is hoping to go back to college and the money he would make would go a long way to helping him do that. Not trusting George to keep his nerve, the gang's leader John Egan moves him to the inside, but the robbery doesn't go off as planned.
Did you know: This story is based on a true incident. Many of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police officers and bank employees play themselves doing what they did during the actual robbery.

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