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His Girl Friday 1940 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - His Girl Friday 1940
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His Girl Friday - 1940 USA, English, French
The Year's Wildest, Wittiest Whirlwind of a Love Battle... Outrageously Racy... Sparkling... Gay!
Not-Rated  92 minutes -  Comedy, Drama, Romance, Forties, - Ratings: 8.0/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Howard Hawks,
Written by: Charles Lederer, Ben Hecht,
A newspaper editor uses every trick in the book to keep his ace reporter ex-wife from remarrying.

Hildy Johnson has divorced Walter Burns and visits his office to tell him that she is engaged to another man and that they are going to get married the day after. Walter Burns can't let that happen and frames the other man, Bruce Baldwin, for a lot of stuff getting him into trouble all the time, while he tries to steer Hildy back into her old job as his employee (editor of his newspaper).
Did you know: Rosalind Russell was borrowed from MGM for this film.

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