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The Wiz 1978 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - The Wiz 1978
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The Wiz - 1978 USA, English
From the book that's an American tradition...from the smash-hit Broadway show...the entertainment of the year!
PG  134 minutes -  Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Black Cast, Seventies, - Ratings: 5.1/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Sidney Lumet,
An adaption of "The Wizard of Oz" that tries to capture the essence of the African American experience.

Dorothy, a twenty-four-year-old kindergarten teacher born, raised, and still working in Harlem, is celebrating Thanksgiving with her extended family, but she doesn't seem to be thankful for much in life. She lives a self-imposed sheltered life; she is shy and unfulfilled. Things change for her when she is caught in a snowstorm while chasing after her dog, Toto. They are transported to the mysterious Land of Oz, where she is informed that the only possible way to find her way back home is through the assistance of the powerful wizard in the Emerald City. As she goes searching for him, she befriends some creatures who are facing problems in life just like her. In their quest to find and get help from the wizard, they also face Evillene, the equally evil sister of Evermean, the wicked witch whom Dorothy inadvertently killed when she arrived in Oz, and who may be their biggest obstacle in achieving their goals.

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