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Unknown World 1951 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - Unknown World 1951
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Unknown World - 1951 USA, English
A thousand miles down...Ten-thousand Thrills Deep! (original poster)
Approved  74 minutes -  Romance, Sci Fi, - Ratings: 3.8/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Terry O. Morse,
Written by: Millard Kaufman,
Scientists use a gigantic drilling machine for an expedition to the center of the earth.

Dr. Jerimiah Morley becomes convinced that the world is headed to an inevitable worldwide nuclear war. He organizes an expedition made up of a team of expert scientists and an atomic-powered rock-boring vehicle called a "cyclotram" to find a subterranean environment where holocaust survivors could live indefinitely. When funding falls through, independently rich adventurer Wright Thompson underwrites the project under the condition that he be allowed to go. As the group goes deeper beneath the Earth's crust, personalities clash, tempers flare, and the dangerous journey claims the lives of several expedition members. When they come upon an enormous underground expanse with its own ocean and phosphorescent light, it appears that their goal has been achieved.

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