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The 39 Steps 1935 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - The 39 Steps 1935
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The 39 Steps - 1935 UK, English
Handcuffed to the girl who double-crossed him
TV-G  86 minutes -  Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Thirties, - Ratings: 7.9/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Alfred Hitchcock,
A man in London tries to help a counterespionage agent. But when the agent is killed and he stands accused, he must go on the run to both save himself and also stop a spy ring trying to steal top secret information.

Richard Hannay is a Canadian visitor to London. At the end of "Mr Memory"'s show in a music hall, he meets Annabella Smith who is running away from secret agents. He accepts to hide her in his flat, but in the night she is murdered. Fearing he could be accused on the girl's murder, Hannay goes on the run to break the spy ring.

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