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Deep Thrust 1972 - Watch Full Movie Online

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Classic Cinema - Deep Thrust 1972
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SEE... the Deadliest Woman in the world take on a dozen skilled fighters bare-handed.
R  88 minutes -  Action, Drama, Martial Arts, Seventies, - Ratings: 6.3/10
Oscars: None
Directed by:Feng Huang,
Written by: Yi-chung Hua,
"Lady Whirlwind" AKA "Deep Thrust" is a little better than another Angela Mao film released by the same company that I saw recently, "Deadly China Doll", because Angela is indeed one of the two main characters here and has several fight scenes. The bad news is, her and everybody else's fight scenes are generally mediocre, often spoiled by poor editing and ludicrous wirework. The good news is, Angela brings a relentless aggression to them that few other female stars can match. More good news: her character is a little more complex than usual for this genre - she begins as a revenge-obsessed woman but gradually becomes more compassionate. More bad news: it's exactly this compassion that doesn't allow her to have a climactic fight scene. A watchable but forgettable film on the whole. Gotta love the stolen score notes from "Diamonds Are Forever", though! (**)


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