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Queen of the Amazons - 1947 Queen of the Amazons (1947)
White Goddess of the Dark Jungle... She offered ECSTASY and DEATH!
Rating: 3.0/10
Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Forties,
Robert Lowery, Patricia Morison, J Edward Bromberg,
The Incredible Petrified World - 1957 The Incredible Petrified World (1957)
See! The terror of a skindive to the center of the Earth! Caverns of Forgotten Men! Boiling Volcanos! Tidal Earthquakes! Horror
Rating: 3.0/10
Adventure, Sci Fi, Fifties,
John Carradine, Robert Clarke, Phyllis Coates,
War of the Robots - 1978 War of the Robots (1978)
Hostile Alien Cyborgs in a Battle for the Universe
Rating: 2.6/10
Adventure, Sci Fi,
Antonio Sabato, Yanti Somer, Malisa Longo,
White Pongo - 1945 White Pongo (1945)
Jungle monsters battle to the death as a woman watches in terror!
Rating: 2.6/10
Adventure, Forties,
Richard Fraser, Maris Wrixon, Lionel Royce,
She Gods of Shark Reef - 1958 She Gods of Shark Reef (1958)
From towering wild adventure to the depths of hellish horror!
Rating: 2.3/10
Adventure, Drama, Fifties,
Bill Cord, Don Durant, Lisa Montell,
The Wild Women of Wongo - 1958 The Wild Women of Wongo (1958)
Savage! Primitive! Untamed!
Rating: 2.0/10
Adventure, Comedy, Fifties,
Jean Hawkshaw, Mary Ann Webb, Candé Gerrard,
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